System Administrator


Often organisations assign the support of SQL Server environments to their System administrators. The sys admin role is one of the more complex within any organisation, adding the requirement to support a complex database like SQL Server increases the demands of the role.

Detecta SQL Server monitor can assist,

Architected by DBA's to assist a wide range of users in managing SQL Server environments, the tool provides a simple, easy to use, intuitive interface that will minimise the time required to be spent diagnosing potential issues.

More than SQL Server

Detecta includes additional monitoring counters that look at server performance, including memory, disk usage, process, Network and CPU, providing additional insight into the performance of your SQL Server environment.

Tailored Access

Detecta allows different levels of access to be configured, by the system administrator,:

  • Dashboard only access for Senior Management
  • Diagnostic access for administrators
  • Full configuration and access privileges to super users


  • Detecta does not install any components, DLLs, scripts, stored procedures or tables on the SQL Server instances being monitored.
  • Detecta only captures Meta data associated with your SQL Server environments, no application data is collected - guaranteed!


All customers of the Detecta SQL Server Monitoring tool gain access to our SQL Server expertise, we are happy to assist in answering any questions you may have.

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