Server Monitoring

In addition to in-depth monitoring of your SQL Server environment, Detecta also provides detailed insghts into your underlying server performance.


Providing an overview of current and historical memory use on the target server

  • Virtual Memory
  • Physical Memory


Provides metrics on both current and historical load placed on your server's CPU network. Detecta provides you with a list of all processes active on your environment, allowing you to see the demands each is placing on your server.

Drill down to see detailed information associated with each process. Process usage is mapped against CPU load for easy identification of critical bottlenecks


Detecta provides an overview of all volumes on the target server.

Drilling into a specifc server the tool provides detailed information on:

  • Usage over time
  • Disk Reads/Writes/Second
  • Disk Transfer Speed
  • Disk Latency

Network Usage

Provides a high level overview on traffic associated with all NIC traffic on your target server.

Providing both a current and historical view of the Network activity on your server

  • Will measure traffic on all installed network devices

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