Detecta Functional Overview

Detecta offers a wide range of features that support a DBA/ system administrator to manage their SQL Server, Linux server, Windows server and Windows desktop environments



Cloud Based Architecture

Detecta is a private cloud based monitoring solution. Once installed, light weight monitoring agents communicate with our Detecta API via a secure https connection, passing relevant data to the Detecta repository. Users are then able to access the Detecta dashboard via a secure portal from anywhere anytime.

Key benefits with this approach are:

No Infrastructure requirements to run Detecta – Scalable solution we add resources as required to ensure the performance of your environment
The Koda team are able to support clients faster with more regular releases of both enhancements and issue resolution


Proxy Support

Detecta supports connections via proxy. In environments secured from the internet, the tool allows configuration via a proxy within the target DMZ


User Interface

Detecta offers a web based dashboard for clients to manage all environment settings as well as access the Detecta dashboard.

  • Available from anywhere
  • Summary dashboard providing oversight of all environments

All pages within Detecta that display are able to be customised, a user can select the columns that they want to view, on delivery not all data is displayed for a particular screen, simply click the Show/Hide tab at the top of the page and select the attributes you want to display

The attribute selection is retained and will be available the next time you login to the screen 



Detecta supports any number of users, access can be configured by the admin account (the one provided on registration)

There are three levels of user role available

  • Read Only
  • Operator
  • Admin


Tagging system

Detecta offers a unique, simple mechanism for creating multiple different levels of support within the environment. Tags associate objects within the environment, once linked by a common tag objects are able to be controlled.

Objects able to be tagged include:

  • Users
  • Servers
  • Instances
  • Rules
  • Notifications

You are able to generate as many tags as you wish, typical use includes establishing a "Production" tag, associating a group of servers with this tag, associated rules and a support user ensures when an alert is raised on a tagged production environment, only the associated user(s) are notified.


Multiple clients

The architecture of Detecta's SQL Server Monitoring tool allows providers of outsource database support services (MSP's) to provide a client specific dashboard for their own clients to access while utilising their full consolidated dashboard to care for all environments under their watch.

The tiered access provided by Detecta allows licenses to me managed at the MSP level while allowing an organisation to provide access to the dashboard to their clients

To configure tiered access please contact the Detecta team and they can arrange to have it configured



Detecta continue to add new counters to the monitoring tool, a current list of captured data is available here



Unique Alert and notification engine allows customised alerts to be created for all counters.

Provides the ability to define number of notifications triggered by an alert
Define users who should receive each alert notification
Ability to create groups of users and associate 1 or many environments with the group
Define whether alert should be raised immediately or delayed
Auto close alerts if event triggering notification returns below threshold or alert is superseded by a higher severity threshold breach



Detecta allows you to configure any number of custom notifications. These can be raised via email or via the Detecta mobile application.

A user has the ability to configure the number of alerts to be raised, the frequency and any delay that they would like to introduce before an alert is raised



Preserving the confidentiality and integrity of your information is one of Detecta’s highest priorities.

Detecta maintains a deep culture of security and utilises an iterative approach in designing and improving security procedures and controls.

This document summarizes the key measures we take in ensuring your data is always protected.



Detecta provides a report on the current version of all SQL Server environments being monitored


Supported environments

Detecta supports the following environments:

  • Operating System – 2003+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005+ RTM
  • Linux

Detecta supports clustered environments, dedicated servers, Virtual machines and Azure Network deployed instances


Mobile Application

Detecta offers a mobile application for receiving and managing alert notifications

Supports both Android and IOS platforms


Desktop monitoring

The light weight Detecta agent provides a simple mechanism for monitoring Desktop environments. 

Desktop monitoring utlizes the same Detecta agent, allowing visibility of all devices under your care. Core server counters allow system administrators to be alerted of potential problems before they become issues.



The Detecta team continue to add functionality to the Detecta monitoring tool.

Version 4 is due for release in July 2019 and will contain the following new features

  • Inclusion of a wider range of server related performance counters:
    • Disk statistics
    • Memory statistics
    • CPU statistics
  • Integration with Pager Duty

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