Phishing, Fushing and Fishing


Language can get confusing when it comes to technology, especially when the news topics sound so similar. Phishing, Fushing, Fishing?

Recently at lunch, some of our team were discussing Phishing and Google cracking down on scammers (read article Reseller News.), while others were discussing the language challenges of Voice UI’s specifically Fushing <fishing> with a Kiwi accent as in Fush and Chups (read article CIO Magazine.)

However, of far more interest to IT Teams, CIO’s and Database Administrators - some of us were discussing real Fishing, the Fishing that the Koda / Detecta teams social club recently went on in Auckland.

Koda Technology regularly has outings to give the team a break from their screens and take advantage of the amazing benefits of living and working where we do. Yes, we could have taken a day off and flown to some remote environment, like those who won with the Ingram Micro fishing trip, however having an evening (regularly booked for team meals, movies, bowling and other events)  we elected to go out fishing, knowing that daylight saving was ending shortly the team booked a charter boat. 

Within half an hour lines were in the water and before long we had bagged our limit. (see photo, notice the  sun is still shining), leaving plenty of time to fire up the barbie and toast our success. Two and a quarter hours all done, and we all agreed to return to port an hour and three-quarters early very happy!

The benefit here was knowing a good provider who has the right technology that can get the most out of what is available in a short time frame. This formula of having the right systems, and expertise can bring the same results as expensive overly complex options, saving time,while offering great value.

The principles of efficiencies and value apply to our Detecta software too. When you are charged with ensuring mission-critical databases are protected, you require systems that provide intelligent metrics that support you and give you the productive value you need, relieving stress and generating time to focus on other important tasks and activities, (team building – fishing).

Understandably we’re hoping that you probably wish to know more about Detecta - being cloud based and having an app that provides alerts for when you are away from your environments, however, we are realistic. So if you are more interested in knowing about the high spec charter, how many people the boat holds, the gear, catering and when and where, feel free to contact the Detecta team for further details.

As with us, the charter skipper has a tested system using technology that saves time and gives results....not unlike Detecta!

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