Performance is King!

At Detecta we know that your SQL Server monitoring solution needs to perform, we also understand that at times the information you are attempting to extract can be buried within copious amounts of data.

The Right Way

We believe the architecture we have implemented in Detecta is going to revolutionize the way SQL Server monitoring is undertaken in the future. Detecta is a fully fledged Cloud Based monitoring solution that performs, we mean Really performs! 

Enabling us to deliver access to complex data sets associated with your SQL Server instance efficiently.

The Detecta team have invested many hours refining our collection architecture to a point where we are confident in saying we have a best in class solution for capturing the complex data sets associated with your SQL Server environment

No more Custom Scripts

While many organizations still use custom scripts to capture the health of their SQL Server environments, the majority utilize SQL Server stored procedures to do the work. There is a cost with this approach, the solution puts additional load on the SQL Server instance resources, often having a detrimental effect on the problem you are trying to solve.

Detecta has a small resource footprint, it is limited to only ever consume a maximum of 200MB of server RAM, it consistently uses less than this, meaning the impact on resources is negligible.

We like to think that we have taken the headache out of monitoring, certainly the ROI associated with replacing the creation, maintenance and execution of custom developed scripts is easy to recognize, the associated efficiency gains achieved by a monitoring tool that performs exceptionally well under load is a positive too.


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