Custom Alerts

Recently I was speaking with a SQL Server managed services consultant on the benefits of Detecta's dashboard for C level management, when the conversation jokingly, mimicked the scenario of a senior manager telling a DBA to “fix the servers as there are red lines showing”.

I said it reminded me of a comment I heard on the radio of a broadcaster complaining that his wife always drove her car around with the fuel light on, drove him barmy, he said.

That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could customise your car dashboard and change warning signals when needed. This would be great I thought, for all those who do find, (if just by habit) that they are often running on empty, and with someone next to them reminding them to get fuel now.

Yes, I know there are some tools and apps for some cars however it would be good if it was standard, especially like when you are 90% of the way home and know you have another 5 litres in the tank, can get it in the morning… you don’t need a constant reminder to get fuel right now.

And nooo, stop right there, I am not saying C level management are passengers - the point is a custom alert and notification options would be great. If there is an easy click to move the threshold, even only notifying a specific person via an app, all would be much calmer.

Good news is this is exactly  what Detecta offers for DBA’s, Systems Admins and CIO’s, imagine the case, Friday afternoon 4pm 80% CPU, alerts being triggered, you know your environment, all is good, let’s make that alert threshold 85% - notify only me, happy managers – happy team, the luxury Detecta offers.

Custom Notifications are just one advantage of Detecta. So when making the next enterprise architectural decision regarding monitoring, feel free to trial Detecta to test the many “calming” features.


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