The Challenge of Custom Scripts

As anyone who has ever been responsible for the availability and performance of a business critical database environment knows, we need to have monitoring in place to allow us to meet our commitments.

Traditionally in both the SQL Server and Oracle realm (and most DBMS for that matter) monitoring has been achieved by the use of custom scripts. This was the default for all DBA's, even in large organizations where there is no lack of manpower of funding to do something more robust, custom scripts are often used.

There are risks associated with custom scripts for monitoring though:

  • Usually they are maintained by a single DBA, sometimes more, however this poses a single point of failure for the solution, if the DBA is absent for any reason, who identifies and resolves issues with the scripts?
  • Updates are constantly required, like most things in life change is constant, versions of database change, with change often comes a requirement to refactor your custom scripts
  • Usually custom scripts are an in premise solution accessible by Remote desk top access to a hosting server, not ideal when the team is monitoring remotely
  • Custom scripts are costly, while not always obvious, the time spent maintaining, adjusting and making sense of alerts that are generated, adds a significant cost to an organization

At Detecta we recognized these risks and decided to do something about it, we have developed our SQL Server monitoring solution designed specifically to assist the operational DBA supporting SQL Server environments in their care

There are a number of compelling reasons that make operational database monitoring as a service something you should consider:

  • We are continually updating the application to accommodate new versions, new features and more data
  • Detecta is an extremely cost effective solution when compared against other options
  • Detecta is hosted in a private cloud environment, allowing users to access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Detecta is an Enterprise solution, it offers a wide range of features and integrations that help provide a complete monitoring offering for the operational DBA

Detecta has been designed for a number of key users:

  • MSP's (Managed Service Providers) offering operational SQL Server support services to their clients, allowing them to monitor unlimited number of client environments, providing the ability to allow client access (where appropriate) to their own data
  • Operational DBA's working in organizations with an inhouse IT services team
  • The part-time Operational DBA, maybe a system administrator, who is tasked with keeping an eye on the organizations SQL Server environment too
  • Small organizations who just want to be sure their SQL Server database is performing as it should and be alerted when it is not

To find out more get in touch with a member of the Detecta support team:

We would love to hear from you and help you realize the benefits of Database monitoring as a service


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