Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring Enterprise databases using cloud based monitoring solutions offers significant advantages to customers wanting to gain better visibility of their environments at cost effective rates.

Cloud Based Monitoring

With a true cloud based solution like Detecta's SQL Server Monitoring tool, a company no longer has to purchase and support the infrastructure required to host Enterprise monitoring software. The requirement to patch, upgrade and maintain the infrastructure that the monitoring application resides on is removed. Moving monitoring applications to the cloud allows in house IT support teams more time to concentrate on strategic initiatives - enhancing client facing applications and analyzing performance rather than maintaining infrastructure.


Software as a service (SaaS) delivered from the cloud allows customers to gain the advantages of a central code base, enhancements to the software are immediately available, there are not time consuming outages required while patches are applied.

With the dramatic improvements that have been achieved with internet speed and quality, allowing an Enterprise database monitoring tool to sit outside of your internal network is no longer constrained by bandwidth and speed.


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