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In many cases an organisation may have no formal strategy with respect to SQL Server monitoring and how it should be undertaken, this often means that a DBA or System Admin who is charged with ensuring the accuracy and availability of data stored within their database environments will utilise custom monitoring scripts to provide an insight into their health..

There are risks with this that we have discussed previously:

  • They need to be maintained regularly to ensure they work on the latest versions of DBMS, this comes at a cost
  • If the DBA or Sys admin leaves the organisation, there is little to no continuity in monitoring
  • They are often quite basic in function, and require considerable manual intervention to work effectively
  • They are generally in premise scripts that provide limited external access to reporting data

This is why having an automated server monitor like Detecta is a must for any DBA. Features such as the Custom Notifications on the Detecta Dashboard can be game changing for a busy DBA. With full customization of notifications available, including features such as:

  • DBA's are able to associate notifications with a severity. Different severities are handled differently by the system. 
  • Based on rules you apply to the notification, you are able to control who receives the notification, the frequency of the notifications and the number of notifications that are sent.
  • The notifications can be received via email or notification from the Detecta App on your phone, no matter where you are in the world.

To find out more why not download your free trial of the Detecta monitoring tool and compare its effectiveness to your custom written and managed scripts.



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