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What price is the stability of your System environment worth?

Detecta SQL Server Monitor provides a cost-effective tool for monitoring your SQL Server environments, providing you with the confidence that key data repositories within your environment are behaving as expected.


At best your SQL Server environment may be monitored by custom scripts or perhaps a legacy "In Premise" monitoring solution, at worst you will have no monitoring in place. If you have experienced a significant outage to your SQL Server environment you know the impact this has on your business, if you haven't experienced one yet, it is prudent to take steps to avoid doing so.

  • Detecta SQL Server monitor provides a tangible ROI by reducing the time required to maintain and review notifications generated by custom scripts.
  • On average custom scripts require a minimum of a couple of hours per week / environment to review, manage and maintain. If this is true of your environments, it becomes clear, that there are significant savings to be realised 
  • When an SQL Server environment is compromised and the associated systems are unavailable, the effort associated with restoration of service can be significant, particularly if your organisation relies on third party expertise to remedy SQL Server issues and don't have a dedicated internal DBA team. If the outage can be avoided, the savings in lost business productivity can be large. 

Detecta provides a tool that helps your organisation avoid the downtime associated with avoidable SQL Server issues.


Detecta also provides you, as the owner of the monitored environment visibility of the system's stability. The Dashboard is web enabled so available from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Providing a tool that monitors a wide range of data points allowing your System and/or Database Administrators the detail they need to manage your environment,

An intuitive dashboard provides a simple view of the environment, it's stability and the current issues it faces.


The Detecta cloud-based SQL Server monitoring solution provides you with a scalable cost effective insight into your environment, providing you with the reassurance that your support teams are doing what they need to and that your environments are stable.

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